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Motorola Defy+ announced, promises 25 percent speed boost over original Defy

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It's certainly not the biggest news out of Motorola today, but that rugged Defy+ that we'd revealed a few weeks ago is now official, and it's exactly in line with what we'd been expecting: a warmed-over Defy with a beefed-up processor (25 percent faster, claims Moto) and Android 2.3.3. I'd speculated before that the presence of 850 / 1900MHz HSPA suggested that AT&T might pick this up as a successor to the Bravo, but no dice -- unless AT&T has a separate announcement planned for down the road, Motorola's press release says that the Defy+ will only be coming to Asia, Europe, and Latin America starting in "early fall." No pricing yet; expect that to be set by individual carriers.

Source: Motorola