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Samsung hires CyanogenMod founder Steve Kondik

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htc one x CM9_640
htc one x CM9_640

HTC's bootloader unlocking tool isn't the only big news in the Android hacking scene today. The founder and lead developer of CyanogenMod, Steve Kondik, added "Samsung mobile" to his Facebook profile, effectively announcing that the company has hired the man we fondly know as "Cyanogen." Kondik implies in the comments on his post that he'll continue working with CyanogenMod as a "side project" -- a project which is "not affiliated in any way" with Samsung. That's not to say that Samsung is unfriendly to the community -- in addition to hiring Kondik, the company has previously sent free phones to the CyanogenMod team.

CyanogenMod is amongst the most popular ROM packages for Android devices because of its stability, support for multiple platforms, speed, and support from both the CyanogenMod team and the community-at-large. That's on top of the capacious list of enhancements to stock Android that the team has put together in the latest build. We certainly wouldn't mind seeing that kind of expertise applied to Samsung devices -- we're looking at you, TouchWiz.

Source: Facebook; via Phandroid