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HTC sues Apple over three more patents

HTC sues Apple over three more patents

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The patent wars continue apace this morning: just one day after Google purchased Motorola to beef up its patent portfolio, HTC has filed yet another lawsuit against Apple. This time HTC's alleging that Cupertino's products infringe three patents, two of which HTC acquired through a $75m purchase of ADC Telecommunications in April. (The third was homegrown at HTC.) I've included a PDF of the complaint and links to each patent below if you're interested in the details. The big takeaway here is that HTC continues to try and put pressure on Apple to reach a settlement, and it's not being shy about using patents from recent acquisitions to do it -- a willingness that will probably carry over to S3's patent portfolio if and when that purchase is approved by regulators, since the International Trade Commission has already ruled Apple's infringing two of S3's patents in various non-iOS products.

US Patent #7,417,944 (ADC)

US Patent #7,672,219 (ADC)

US Patent #7,765,414 (HTC)

Source: Complaint (PDF), Via: Reuters