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HP: 'We are not walking away from webOS;' exclusive details from inside

HP: 'We are not walking away from webOS;' exclusive details from inside

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An insider has given us details from an all-hands meeting HP just held with employees in the webOS Global Business Unit in light of today's announcement that HP will no longer make webOS devices. In the meeting, webOS GBU VP Stephen DeWitt made it clear that HP intends to continue to work on webOS and likely intends to license it. DeWitt was adamant, saying several times "We are not walking away from webOS." He detailed a plan to try to determine what the platform's future will look like within the next two weeks, although he admitted that "Clearly, we don't have all the answers today."

In response to a direct question about licensing to HTC or Samsung, HP VP Todd Bradley pointed out that, to date, webOS is designed to work on a single set of silicon -- Qualcomm -- and that many potential licensees would likely want to see webOS support other chipsets. He did not elaborate further on potential partners.

DeWitt said that there would be staff reductions, but told the team that the company needs people "that are serious about winning" and again reiterated HP's commitment to developing webOS as a platform. Both DeWitt and Bradley were clear that the current business model of webOS wasn't working primarily due to lackluster hardware, arguing that HP needed to stop "trying to force non-competitive products into the market."

In short, it looks like HP is committed to finding a partner or partners to license webOS. It's not clear how the company will shuffle the division around given that it currently sits within the Personal Systems Group, which is slated to be spun off.