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Pre 3 not coming to US; deep discounts in Europe

Pre 3 not coming to US; deep discounts in Europe

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There's been one big question looming during the TouchPad fire sale madness that ensued after HP announced it is killing webOS hardware: what about the Pre 3? That question appears to have been answered by two reports indicating that HP will only release the phone in limited markets -- more specifically Europe. The good news for Europeans is that the price should shake out to around $75 US. The bad news for US citizens is that HP won't release the phone in the US. Potential US importers take note: even though these phones are available unlocked, their radio bands aren't fully compatible with AT&T or T-Mobile -- offering only limited 3G in some areas on AT&T.

No word yet on when HP will get around to dropping the prices on the Pre 3 in Europe, but we imagine it should be fairly soon. The Pre 3 was already released with next to zero fanfare, as was the white 64GB TouchPad with a faster processor. No word yet on whether that edition of the TouchPad will be discounted. Meanwhile, UK retailers (though not HP UK itself) are beginning to roll out discounts on the original TouchPad, but availability appears to be just as scarce as it is in the US.

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