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    HP TouchPad running apparent Qualcomm Android build leaks

    HP TouchPad running apparent Qualcomm Android build leaks

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    Strange things are afoot in the ongoing effort to get a working build of Android running on the HP TouchPad: it appears that Qualcomm has done it already. A few days ago the first video surfaced supposedly showing a fresh-out-of-the-box TouchPad booting into Ubuntu, flashing the Qualcomm Innovation Center (Quic) logo, then booting into a fully working version of Android 2.2.1. A subsequent video brought some more clarity, showing some apps that indicate this build is most likely something out of Qualcomm's labs. The HP TouchPad uses a Qualcomm processor, so it's no surprise that the company would be hacking away at it. speculates that the chipmaker is using it as a reference design as they help finalize the similarly-specced HTC Puccini tablet. When we reached out, Qualcomm had no comment on the leak.

    Whatever the origins of the ROM, it has been successfully pulled off the TouchPad and posted by the Touchdroid team. The release has brought renewed effort and direction to the team's project to get a full working version of Android running and released for everybody who took advantage of the TouchPad fire sale. There's a $2100-and-growing bounty afoot for successfully completing the mission.

    Find a video of the TouchPad running this mysterious build of Android after the break. If you're truly smitten and not troubled by the whole thing, the poster has placed the Android-toting tablet on eBay.

    Source: reddit, YouTube; via Android Central; Thanks Colin!