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Google TV coming to the UK within next six months

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A pair of British newspapers are reporting this morning that Google TV is about to cross the pond and infiltrate the UK. The multifunctional TV enhancement service, channeled either through a set-top box or a Sony Internet TV, hasn't exactly been a runaway success in the USA, but that's not stopping Google from expanding its markets. The official announcement, according to both the Telegraph and Mail, will be made by Eric Schmidt in a lecture at the Edinburgh Television Festival later today. He's expected to outline the details of Google's rollout plan, which should include the integration of content from the BBC iPlayer and ITV Player on-demand streaming services. One of the big issues Google clashed with in the US was an unwillingness from content providers to play ball, so it'll be critical for the UK version of Google TV to expand on those BBC and ITV deals with further content partnerships.

Source: Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail