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Samsung Galaxy S II image leak shows AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint versions

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A press image depicting the Galaxy S II models for T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint has leaked on PocketNow. It pretty much confirms most of the earlier rumors about the device, including Verizon's decision to skip the phone. Seeing all three devices together makes clear that Samsung is continuing to make small tweaks to the hardware design for each carrier. While having carrier-specific variants continues a Galaxy S tradition, we expect each phone to have new branding that doesn't carry a link to the previous line: Sprint Within, T-Mobile Hercules, and AT&T Attain. Presumably, each will still have some Galaxy branding on top of those names.

The press event for the Galaxy S II is on Monday, when we expect to finally get information on what few remaining details are left on these phones -- including the release date and price.

Source: PocketNow; via TmoNews

Update: Samsung has just (wisely) moved the event to Tuesday in light of Hurricane Irene's impending arrival in New York.