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Nokia taking brand suggestions for Windows Phone via poll

Nokia taking brand suggestions for Windows Phone via poll

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Nokia's Head of Developer Marketing for North America, Chanse Arrington, posted a link on Twitter to the above poll, asking "What should Nokia call their series of Windows Phones in the US?" We're not sure if we'd call this guerrilla marketing or just something to pass the time on a Monday afternoon, but either way we hope it's a sign that Nokia is gearing up to re-establish itself in the North American market after many years of near-irrelevance.

The suggested terms are Fusion, Genesis, Phoenix, Elite, EZ, Challenger, or Share (with the option to suggest your own at bottom). We can't say we're fond of any of those, but we'll take any clear system after seeing some of the more recent questionable branding schemes out there. Theoretically, the new branding ought to also work within Nokia's new numbering system for phone names, as well. At the end of the day, we're a little less concerned with branding than we are with seeing Nokia release a Windows Phone to market -- the company has committed to doing just that in 2011.

Source: Poll, @chansearrington; via WPCentral