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Samsung's ChatOn cross-platform messaging app to be released at IFA

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Watch out Kik, GroupMe, and WhatsApp, Samsung's got a cross-platform mobile messaging app in store, and it's planning to release it globally at IFA this week. According to a video posted by Samsung itself, the ChatOn app will enable basic one-to-one mobile chatting (obviously circumventing SMS), but will also bring along group chatting and picture / video messaging. However, unlike RIM's BBM or Apple's iMessage, Samsung's going cross platform with this one -- the shot on Samsung's website (pictured above) shows BlackBerry, Android, and iOS apps. SammyHub also reports that a Bada client is in the works as well as a basic web client. We'll be checking it out at IFA this week, but at least we know we can add Samsung to the list of companies getting around the phone number. Hit the break for the video.

Source: ChatOn, YouTube via SammyHub