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Toshiba planning to release a thinner Honeycomb tablet at IFA?

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Well, it should be interesting to see Toshiba eat its words on this one. Just a few months after telling us about the pros of having a tablet with full-sized ports, a swappable battery, and a rugged build, it looks like it's about to completely contrast that message at IFA with a much thinner slate. Notebook Italia got its hands on some press shots of Toshiba's forthcoming 10.1-inch Honeycomb tablet, and there's no confusing this thing with the original Folio 100 or the recently-released Thrive -- it's clad in brushed metal, looks to be as thin as the iPad 2, and there's only room for micro USB and micro HDMI ports. It looks impressive, but we'll hold judgement until we see what's what when we touch down in Berlin.

Source: NotebookItalia.It; thanks Marco!