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HTC Sensation 'Special Edition 2' could be loaded with faster processor, Beats Audio headset

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It's unclear just how many Beats Audio product tie-ins we'll see from HTC by year-end now that the Taiwanese firm has inked that sweeping $300 million deal, but CNET is reporting an allegedly leaked slide deck that suggests the existence of a refreshed Sensation -- called the "Sensation Special Edition 2" here -- that'll include Beats earbuds in the box. The pack-in isn't the only change, though: the deck also points to a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon (up from the original's 1.2GHz), some sort of "fine tuning" to optimize audio with the included buds, and a slightly larger battery. The price is expressed in pounds sterling (£520 off contract) which suggests this is a British leak -- strangely, though, the specs mention TD-SCDMA compatibility, and that's something that you'd only find in China. Either way, that price works out to a whopping $845 at today's conversion rate, so those had better be some killer buds. No word on when the rumored handset might be announced.

Source: CNET