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PlayStation 3D Display launches in November, Resistance 3 becomes pre-order bonus

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When Sony first announced its 24-inch, 240Hz PlayStation 3D Display at E3 back in June, the included game was heavy-hitting shooter Resistance 3. That has since been replaced with MotorStorm Apocalypse, but the $499 bundle now has a set release window of November and pre-order bonus of Resistance 3 if you place the order by September 30th. Funny how things come full circle.

Of course, if you might've already guessed as much if you checked out the listings via Amazon, Walmart, or GameStop. Soon after Sony made the switch in early August, those retailers started touting the threequel as a pre-order bonus. That deal is now official by way of Sony, as well.

The PlayStation 3D Display is one part 3DTV and one part "SimulView" multiplayer for two players getting separate fullscreen images at the same time (glasses required for both players). So far only two games have been announced to support the overlapping output — you'll never guess which. For a more visual explanation, check out the new promo video after the break.

Source: US PlayStation blog