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Sony Tablet P now the official name of the S2; hitting the US later this year but only with 3G

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And so it has been decreed: the name of  Sony's dual-screen, fold-up S2 tablet is now the Tablet P — P, of course, standing for portable. However, while Sony's releasing everything you want to know about the P's single-screen Tablet S brother today -- see our full review of that one here -- it's staying pretty tight-lipped on the Tablet P's release date and pricing. However, Sony did tell us that it still plans to launch it before the end of the year here in the US (it's going to launch in Europe in November, according to Sony's Kazuo Hirai) and that it doesn't plan to introduce a WiFi version stateside -- it will only launch a 3G model, one of which we know is headed to AT&T. (It doesn't think WiFi-only makes sense on such a portable form factor). Interesting approach, now let's just hope it doesn't cost an arm and a leg on contract like that new HTC Jetstream.