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    Sony VAIO S Series gets a 15-inch variant, full HD screen option

    Sony VAIO S Series gets a 15-inch variant, full HD screen option

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    We've always considered Sony's 13.3-inch VAIO S to be, well, the not-as-handsome, thicker brother of the VAIO Z. However, today Sony's making moves to differentiate the line a bit more by adding a 15.5-inch version as well as some other highly enticing options, including that glorious full 1920 x 1080-resolution HD panel we loved on the Z. The 4.4-pound 15-inch version, like the rest of the S Series, still measures .96 inches thick, has a backlit keyboard, and an optional $150 slice battery.

    According to some early specs released by Sony's Europe team, the 15.5-inch VAIO VPC2E1Z9E will be available with Sandy Bridge Core 2011 processors, up to 6GB of RAM, 7,200rpm hard drives, solid state drives, and AMD HD 6630M graphics. There's also an interesting mention in the European release of a glasses-free 3D panel that attaches to the display. It seems the panel in conjunction with the webcam is able to provide a glasses-free 3D Blu-ray viewing experience. Interesting, though no word on that coming to the US. However, the US release does say we should expect the 15.5-inch version to arrive in October for about a grand and that the 13-inch S Series is being refreshed with Sandy Bridge processors — although, we thought that already happened in May. Either way, we'll be looking out for these on the IFA show floor, but in the meantime hit the source links for more info.

    Source: Sony (UK release, US release)