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3D Olympics broadcasting live in 2012, courtesy of Panasonic

London 2012 Olympics announce 3D broadcasting partnership with Panasonic.

The London 2012 Olympic Games are destined to be the first broadcast in live HD 3D. The announcement comes via partnership with Panasonic, the International Olympic Committee, and the Olympic Broadcasting Service. The OBS expects to produce over 200 hours of 3D footage covering all of the major events like the opening and closing ceremonies, gymnastics, diving, swimming, and athletics. Panasonic's twin-lens AG-3DP1 (pictured), a shoulder-mounted P2HD professional Full HD 3D camera, has the equipment honors. Fittingly, London was also the site of the first true televised Olympics back in 1948, although only to a limited number of sets within range of Wembley stadium. The Berlin Olympics of 1936 were limited to closed circuit televisions located in specified halls.

Source: Panasonic