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Fujifilm X10 'premium compact' camera gets November ship date

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Let's be clear: while the new X10 shares its good looks with its X100 stunner of a brother, the X10 is more of a premium compact than a bulky DSLR replacement. That's not to say it's poorly equipped. The X10 is built around a large (for a compact point-and-shoot) 2/3-inch 12 megapixel EXR-CM0S sensor and f/2-2.8, 28-112mm manual zoom Fujinon lens with newly developed OIS mechanism. It also features an optical viewfinder, 7fps continuous shooting at full resolution (or 10fps reduced), a hot-shoe, pop-up flash, 1080p/30fps video capture, RAW mode, an electronic horizon leveling gauge, 0.8 second power-up, and claimed ISO 12,800 sensitivity. Of course, it shoots fully automatic or in a variety of manual modes too, and comes wrapped in a gorgeous lightweight die-cast magnesium alloy design sure to give pause to Rangefinder aficionados. Look for the X10 to launch in November for an undisclosed price.

Source: Fujifilm