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Google Chrome's third birthday feted with interactive timeline of web history

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It feels like just yesterday that we were looking up Pop Will Eat Itself lyrics at our local college's computer lab using Lynx. Here we are, almost twenty years later, listening to Pop Will Eat Itself on Rdio. What has changed (besides the fact that we no longer think it's a good use of our time to look up song lyrics)? Well, just about everything has changed: browsers have evolved well beyond Mosaic, and where once tables and image maps were cutting edge, HTML5 has APIs for geolocation and drag-and-drop content, and audio and video content is par for the course.

It's hard to believe that Chrome is only three years young, and as The Evolution of the Web clearly demonstrates, it is one of many browsers and technologies that have made the modern Web the force that it is today. Hit the source link to get lost in the HTML5-powered interactive infographic yourself.

Sources: The Evolution of the Web, the Official Google Blog