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Hulu marks first international expansion, launches in Japan for ¥1,480 a month

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Japan would be the first, Hulu promised, and three weeks later the promise has come true -- today, Hulu's streaming video service launches in the land of the rising sun with a host of content partnerships. CBS, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Disney and Warner Bros. have all signed on to provide movies and television to the Japanese audience at a seemingly steep ¥1,480 a month, or about $20. Yes, it's a straight-up subscription service like the $7.99 Hulu Plus, and that means you'll eventually get the same mobile support on set-top boxes, game consoles, iPads, iPhones, iPods and "select" Android devices once support rolls out -- but there are few freebies (and no advertising) to be found. Though, in another departure from the US version, residents of Japan get a free one-month trial rather than the single week we Yanks have to test the service out. Curious which particular pieces of content you might see? Check out our source links, including a handy pre-translated version of

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