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Droid Bionic teaser video confirms September 8th reveal

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A Korean-language version of a teaser ad for Motorola's long-awaited Droid Bionic was posted to Verizon Wireless' official YouTube account yesterday. That alone isn't news -- Verizon loves to build hype for each member of its Droid line through a series of teasers and viral campaigns leading up to the launch -- but this particular video closes with the text "2011.9.8." In other words, we're expecting the Droid Bionic to be officially unveiled in its final form on the 8th, and if those leaked documents from yesterday is accurate, we could be treated to a retail launch on the same day. Seeing how the Bionic stands to become Verizon's first dual-core LTE handset, that's a big deal. Follow the break for the full 30-second spot.

Source: YouTube, via Engadget and PCMag