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iPhone 5 reservation coupons coming from Deutsche Telekom today, no further info

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A Deutsche Telekom spokersperson has informed Bloomberg that the German mobile operator intends to start distributing iPhone 5 reservation coupons from today. This is "in anticipation of supply bottlenecks," which is to say that DT isn't confident there'll be enough iPhone 5 units to go around when the next-gen device launches. Current customers of the carrier in Germany can lay claim to a reservation by calling up and explicitly requesting the iPhone 4's successor, though they shouldn't hope for any information about what it might look and feel like -- no release date, pricing or naming details are being provided. For all we know, Deutsche Telekom could well be operating on the basis of the same rumors, speculation and half-truths that we are. So, to be clear, this isn't the first iPhone 5 pre-order; it's just a ticket to get in line in the event such a device as an iPhone 5 is ever (like, say, in October) announced and sold by Apple.

Source: Bloomberg and, via 9to5Mac