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Samsung leaks Nexus Prime User Agent Profile, little else

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The Nexus Prime / Droid Prime rumors are heating up lately and many expect the first Ice Cream Sandwich phone to come from Samsung. The manufacturer appears to have just inadvertently confirmed some of those rumors by posting the User Agent Profile xml file on its website under the name "nexusprime.xml."

Unfortunately, while Samsung may have leaked the name and the phone's existence here, it definitely hasn't leaked any usable specs. A UAProf file identifies a phone's capabilities and in this case, it suggests that the Nexus Prime will have a disappointing 480 x 800 WVGA resolution. We're not prone to believe that to be the case, as previous rumors have suggested that it would have a much higher 720p screen resolution. More to the point, the doc claims the Nexus Prime has an ARM11 processor, which we are quite sure is not in the cards and is another big red flag that the specs hidden away here aren't final.

Other details on the Nexus Prime are still somewhat scarce. The document lists the phone as the "GT-I9250," a device that has appeared on Samsung's own support pages. That might point to a dual release: the SCH-i515 as the Verizon-only Droid Prime filling the hole left when the carrier passed on the Galaxy S II and the GT-I9250 as the Nexus Prime coming to other carriers, perhaps internationally.

Source: Samsung XML link; via PocketNow