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Nintendo 3DS analog stick add-on is real, detailed in Famitsu Magazine

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Late last month, 01net reported that Nintendo decided it had made a grievous mistake with the Nintendo 3DS portable -- it forgot to add a second analog stick to allow for 3D camera control. To make up for it, the publication reported, Nintendo would release an inexpensive accessory that added the missing stick. Now, Famitsu has the whole scoop and a picture of a very ugly contraption. The scan (obtained by Twitter user @south1996) is in Japanese, of course, so we're not wholly sure whether this is an official peripheral or a third-party one, but it's clear that the device is designed to work with Capcom's new Monster Hunter 3G, and it wouldn't be the first time Capcom (or Monster Hunter) has spawned a new peripheral. It appears that the add-on is shaped much like the 3DS's bundled charging dock, clips onto the system at the front and back, and adds not only the right analog stick but at least one shoulder button for additional functionality. We'll let you know what else we hear!

Update: Nintendo's seemingly confirmed that this is a official first-party device. "We can confirm that Nintendo does plan to release the attachment but that any further announcements on the attachment will be made at some later time by Nintendo," a UK spokesperson told Edge.

Sources: @south1996 (Twitter) and 01net, Andriasang and Siliconera