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Exclusive: Bose 'Chihuahua' ultra-portable wireless sound system could launch next week

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Not long ago, we got the invite you see above for a product launch event that Bose is hosting in New York City next week. The tag line -- "Hold the phone, hear what happens" -- suggests that we can expect a phone accessory of some kind, but what is it? A Bluetooth earbud? A set of A2DP-capable cans?

We think we've just been able to answer that by way of a Best Buy planning roadmap we've received from a source. October 16th is called out for a new in-store display to showcase something called the Bose Chihuahua, which -- in Best Buy's words -- is "a new technology (wireless) MP3 speaker docking station that is ultra small." The document also says the display is intended to "showcase the ultra-portable Bose SoundLink wireless Mobile Speaker System," which suggests that the Chihuahua might be compatible with the company's SoundLink technology -- a Sonos and AirPlay competitor of sorts that beams music wirelessly from a USB dongle to a selection of Bose products. We've also heard that the Chihuahua will somehow be able to reflect sound off walls and furniture to create deeper bass and louder volumes, but that’s a little more up in the air.

Considering the verbiage that this thing is "ultra-portable," we're wondering if Bose didn't see the Jawbone Jambox and see dollar signs. Odds are we'll be finding out on the 15th, so stay tuned.