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Fusion Garage Grid10 price dropped to $299, launch pushed to October 1st

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Looks like price drop fever is spreading after the success of the $99 HP TouchPad fire sale: Fusion Garage just called to tell us that its Android-based Grid10 tablet will now sell for $299, down from $499 as originally announced. Apparently, the goal was to hit the lower price all along, but negotiations with the tablet's manufacturing partners hadn't been completed yet, so the lower price couldn't be announced. (Or... price drop fever is spreading, and that's a convenient cover story.) Unfortunately, that's not the only last-minute surprise: the Grid10's launch date has also been pushed back two weeks to October 1st so Fusion Garage can accommodate changes to the Adobe Flash Player certification requirements and re-test the device. Not the end of the world, but we're still waiting on our review unit to see if all of Fusion Garage's audacious promises can actually come true.