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Galaxy S II for T-Mobile has Qualcomm's APQ8060 dual-core chip inside, confirms Samsung

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Scratch one mystery off the list of unknowns relating to the Galaxy S II variant for T-Mobile in the US. The previously unnamed 1.5GHz dual-core processor inside the phone has now been revealed as Qualcomm's APQ8060 system-on-chip, a part of the Snapdragon family that we already believed was hiding under the hood of this enigmatic device. The likely cause for this deviation from Samsung's own (and highly esteemed) Exynos processor line looks to be rooted in T-Mobile's desire to include 42Mbps HSPA+ connectivity in the handset. Qualcomm's Snapdragon undoubtedly plays nice with the company's own MDM8220 modem, which is the facilitator of said speedy connection. Now all that remains is for us to know the release date and price of T-Mobile's new crown jewel.

Source: @GalaxySsupport (Twitter), via AnandTech