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Nintendo 3DS analog pad add-on, Misty Pink edition, and 3D video recording officially announced

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Nintendo's been busy tweaking its 3DS formula this morning, with the result being three new announcements. First up, that rumored analog pad accessory has been made official and will be released on December 20th for ¥1,500 ($19.50). One AAA battery provides its power and Nintendo helpfully warns prospective buyers that the "extended slide pad" will not work alone. No such problems for the new Misty Pink 3DS, which Satoru Iwata says is being introduced to appeal to women, something the company's recent product lines have done well, but the 3DS has failed at. Guess gender-based color-coding must be bigger in Japan than it is over in the west. The Misty Pink edition goes on sale at the usual price in October. Finally, in October, a software update for the portable gaming system will add 3D video recording. The 3DS is already capable of 3D photography, provided you have the patience to line up the shot just right; soon you'll be able to do it with moving pictures as well. Hit the links below for more details.

On the software front, Mr. Iwata has demonstrated footage from a 3D version of, what else, another entry in the Super Mario series, along with a 3D-fied Monster Hunter game. The latter is hugely popular in Japan, so its appearance on and exploitation of the 3DS platform may well invigorate the sputtering new console's fortunes. As to Mario, the Super Mario 3D Land platformer will be available on November 13th, to be followed by Mario Kart 7 on December 4th.

Source: Nintendo (analog pad), (Misty Pink), (3D video); via Engadget