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Windows 8 Samsung tablet leaks out ahead of BUILD keynote (Update: video!)

Windows 8 Samsung tablet leaks out ahead of BUILD keynote (Update: video!)

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We're only a few hours away from Microsoft's big BUILD keynote, which seems a fitting time to start seeing its Windows 8-related announcements start to leak out. A Weibo user by the name of Michelle Hu has posted the above, rather credible-looking image, of what she claims is the tablet Microsoft is giving away to BUILD attendees. You'll notice a Samsung label on the box cover on the left and what looks like a home button in the middle of the slate itself. The screen ratio looks likely to be 16:9, but that's all we can really glean from this one picture. Earlier speculation identified a Samsung slab as the first Windows 8 demo device and if the rest of that scuttlebutt is to be believed, the processor inside is a quad-core Intel CPU, likely (and necessarily, given the form factor) an ultra-low voltage part. Other intel we've heard on the matter suggests that Microsoft was involved in the design of this Samsung Windows 8 tablet, though to find out how exactly those Redmond engineers altered it, you'll have to come back here for our live blog of the company's keynote. It starts at 12PM ET / 9AM PT, don't be late!

Update: Now a sequence of unboxing videos have leaked onto the internet. Unfortunately, they're tilted 90 degrees, which is a little painful / nauseating to watch, but if you really can't get enough of Windows 8, they can be found after the break. So far we can glean that the startup time is quick, and that the tablet works with accessories, like a keyboard and a blocky Ethernet adapter of sorts (it looks to be a lot more than that, but it's hard to tell from the video).

Update to the update: The videos got pulled. Don't worry if you missed them, you weren't missing much!

Source: Weibo (MichelleHu), via MobileTechWorld