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    iPhone 5 pictured in Case-Mate product page?

    iPhone 5 pictured in Case-Mate product page?

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    Accessory makers have a noted track record of exposing form factors of new Apple devices ahead of schedule, so it's entirely possible that a new Case-Mate product page depicting an "iPhone 5 Barely There Brushed Aluminum Case" is, in fact, showing us the design of the next iPhone that's expected to be unveiled and launched in the coming weeks. To be fair, a landing page on Case-Mate's site for general information on the iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S suggests that the company only has supposed information through "inside sources" (which could very well be the same rumors you've read everywhere else), so there seem to be three possibilities here: one, they've got no information and this is nothing more than a publicity play; two, they have generic dimensions but no actual photos and they've worked off of those to create renders; or three, they know exactly what the iPhone 5 looks like.

    In any event, if these are based on actual inside information, it looks like we can expect a thinner iPhone that takes some of its styling traits from the iPod touch and iPad 2 with a steeply-curved aluminum back -- and that matches up really nicely with what we've been saying since April. Stay tuned.

    Source: Case-Mate, via BGR

    Update: And that was fast -- the product page is gone, replaced with a redirect to the aforementioned landing page. It still could be a clever publicity play, but considering how quickly it was pulled, that seems less likely. Follow the break for a screen grab of the original page.

    Update 2: PocketNow has a nice shot of a see-through iPhone 5 case (also from Case-Mate), and we've updated our post with a much larger version of the aluminum case. If you look closely, the phone seems like a fairly low-quality render, which would suggest that they're probably working against dimensions alone and extrapolating a phone out of them. Be that as it may, this would seem to be a pretty good guess of what the phone's going to look like.