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This is my next Podcast 024 - 09.17.2011

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timn podcast
timn podcast

Sometimes after This is my next Office closes at five o'clock every afternoon Josh locks the door, draws the shades, and brings out a ceramic urn of the good stuff. The good, good old stuff that he needs a telescoping ladder to get to. The urn has an ancient The Verge logo on it. He gently sets three Swarovski snifters on his great-grandfather's red oak inlay card table, hacks three formidable chunks from This is my next Ice Block, and uses his great-great-grandfather's iTongs to clink the chunks deliberately into the snifters. Paul and Nilay glance at each other knowingly. The tape recorder clicks on. Then, a knock at the door: a feminine outline, with three laptops under each arm. Suddenly, Friday has become a little more interesting.

Song: London Elecktricity - U Gotta B Crazy (Hospital Records)