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    RED 4K laser projector for the home teased by CEO Jannard

    RED 4K laser projector for the home teased by CEO Jannard

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    RED's never been shy with product teasers, to a fault, really, leading RED CEO Jim Jannard to proclaim an end to such pre-launch announcements. Still, an old dog, and all that… Jannard just posted this quote attributed to Stephen Pizzo, co-founder Element Technica and partner of 3ality Technica:

    "After watching a demo of RED's laser projector I've been struggling to find a way to describe it. Comparing it to traditional professional systems is completely inadequate. I have never witnessed 3D that was as bright or brighter as the best 2D projections until now. It generated the best color, best dynamic range and best images I have ever seen in 3D or even 2D. When I learned we were watching at 1/4 of its total resolution I was speechless.

    It was so clean and so vibrant the only thing I can compare it to is Cibachrome. That's it, a giant moving Cibachrome!"

    Cibachrome is a photographic processes known for its image clarity and color purity. So what does this mean? Well, RED's working on a passive 3D projector presumably capable of tossing 4k imagery onto a wall a la Sony's VW1000ES home theater projector. RED's will be using friggin' lasers, though, and is "on our roadmap," says Jannard, seemingly confirming the company's plan to ship the device. In later forum posts, Jim was also quick to shoot down speculation that the projector would be using a 4K DLP chip from TI, while confirming that it's targeting the "theater and home. Sooner rather than later."

    Whether the projector will be demonstrated with 4K material sourced from the new RED Scarlet is anybody's guess -- check back for RED's announcement(s) November 3rd to find out.

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