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    Report: Meg Whitman could be appointed HP CEO today

    Report: Meg Whitman could be appointed HP CEO today

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    According to an exclusive report by All Things D's Kara Swisher, those rumors about HP's CEO Leo Apotheker being replaced by former eBay honcho (and failed gubernatorial candidate) Meg Whitman are about to become reality.

    In the article, Swisher speculates that the ailing company's board will vote on the move today and announce after the market closes this evening. This news comes on the heels of a New York Times story which suggests Hewlett-Packard's board appointed Apotheker without ever having met him. That report describes Apotheker's HP as a "laughingstock in Silicon Valley," and in truth, his reign has been plagued by mismanagement, failed launches, and confusing strategies in bountiful quantities.

    Swisher notes in her article that because the board has yet to vote, there is the slim possibility that their decision could change — though it seems obvious that regardless of what happens today, Apotheker's time at HP is coming to a close.

    Source: All Things D, New York Times