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    Exclusive: Motorola Atrix 2 for AT&T specs and press photos, new Lapdock 100 for Webtop

    Exclusive: Motorola Atrix 2 for AT&T specs and press photos, new Lapdock 100 for Webtop

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    We were able to gather most of this from our hands-on preview a couple days ago, but we've now been able to confirm a few details about the upcoming Motorola Atrix 2 for AT&T. First off, the Atrix 2 name is confirmed -- or at the very least, that's the name being used on materials right now -- so if you were holding out hope that the "Edison" code name might make it, you're out of luck. The phone will indeed have a 4.3-inch qHD display, an 8 megapixel AF cam with single LED flash, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of on-board storage with expansion to a total of 40GB, and there'll be a 2GB card in the box. There's no mention of LTE anywhere, which is consistent with what we'd found (and notice that they might end up using a "4G" indicator in the status bar instead of "H+" after all). Motorola is quoting talk time of "up to" 8.5 hours and max standby time of 15.9 days; bear in mind it uses a slightly smaller battery than the original Atrix, but these numbers aren't vastly different.

    As expected, it'll support Webtop -- along with the usual array of Webtop accessories including an HD Dock and a Lapdock. The Atrix 2's Lapdock, though, is identified as a "Lapdock 100" model and has a slightly different design then the versions offered by Verizon for the Droid Bionic and AT&T for the original Atrix. For what it's worth, the Lapdock 100's description doesn't mention any unique or new features, but there are a couple notable changes: first off, it's 10.1 inches, down from the old model's 11.6; hopefully that'll translate to a smaller, lighter device.

    Second, it connects to the phone via a cable that reaches to the phone's upper edge -- the edge not laying face-down in the dock. In other words, you don't simply press the phone into the dock to make the connection. Why's that? We've also been tipped that the Droid RAZR uses the Lapdock 100, so it'd seem Motorola wants to use a cable to make the Lapdocks universal rather than pumping out a slightly different design to connect to every Webtop-capable phone. Smart, and pretty crazy that they weren't thinking about this from day one.

    Follow the break for press photos of the Atrix 2.