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    Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE announced in Korea with 316ppi

    Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE announced in Korea with 316ppi

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    Your dreams, they've come true. Unveiled over in Korea today, the Galaxy S II HD LTE is a 4.65-inch version of the much-loved Galaxy S II that raises the resolution to the eye-pleasing level of 1280 x 720, and then throws in LTE connectivity just as a bonus. The resulting 316ppi pixel density is slightly lower than LG's LU6200 that was detailed recently (LG's handset packs the same number of pixels into a 4.5-inch screen, for an iPhone 4-matching 326ppi), though the improvement over the original GSII's WVGA res will be easily recognizable. NFC, an 1,850mAh battery, and an 8-megapixel camera are also included, all somehow squeezed inside a 9.5mm-thick case. Oh, did we mention that the dual-core processor inside is running at 1.5GHz?

    Joining the Galaxy S II HD LTE in Korea is a tamer Galaxy S II LTE model that just adds the faster-clocked SOC and LTE capabilities to the successful GSII formula. Unfortunately, there's nary a peep about availability outside Korea and even the local market launch has just been announced, without specifics on when a motivated buyer might be able to pop into a store and grab one. Still, we're sure Samsung won't keep those eager to own an HD phone waiting too much longer.

    Source: Samsung Mobile Press