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Apple adds white iPod touch for 2011, chops entry level price to $199

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A little later than its usual early autumn cadence, Apple has updated its iPod touch PMP line. Alas, there's not a great deal of novelty being introduced here, just a white option, with pricing set at $199 for the 8GB iPod touch, $299 for the 32GB version, and $399 for the 64GB option. That's $30 less that you'll now have to pay for the cheapest model (the 8GB touch had until now retailed at $229), but overall it's the same old media player. Apple will surely be betting on iOS 5 keeping interest in its unaltered device high. That being the case, the updated PMPs won't be available for another few days -- they'll have to wait for the iOS 5 and iCloud launch on October 12th before making their retail debut with the new operating system preloaded.

Source: Apple