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    iPhone 4S has 512MB of RAM, same as iPhone 4?

    iPhone 4S has 512MB of RAM, same as iPhone 4?

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    One of the major specs Apple didn't mention during yesterday's announcement was how much RAM is inside the iPhone 4S. That number is apparently 512MB, the same as the iPhone 4. That small detail comes from Chair Entertainment's creative director Donald Mustard, who helped develop that Infinity Blade 2 demo we saw yesterday. In an interview with Eurogamer, Mustard enthused about the specs on the iPhone 4S:

    I'm still shocked that, with the iPhone 4S, I'm literally running around with a 1080p video camera in my pocket, with an eight megapixel camera, 64GB of hard drive space and an A5 chip with 512MB of memory. This is a really powerful computer, right?

    Although 512MB of RAM may be disappointing, it's worth noting that the iPhone 4S has the identical amount of RAM and the same processor as the iPad 2, which is no slouch. Still, if this is true, it raises the question of why Apple will only be offering Siri on the iPhone 4S, as Apple clearly states at the bottom of this page. If the iPad 2 has nearly the same internal specs as the iPhone 4S, is there a good reason to keep Siri off of it?

    We've reached out to Apple and will let you know what we hear.

    Source: Eurogamer, Thanks Gag!