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    Confirmed: Nuance has acquired Swype for 'approximately $100 million'

    Confirmed: Nuance has acquired Swype for 'approximately $100 million'

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    We've confirmed with Nuance that the company has acquired Swype for "approximately $100 million," as originally reported at Uncrunched.

    Nuance makes the popular Dragon dictation software and also powers the voice recognition software behind many smartphones, notably T-Mobile's MyTouch line of Android phones — and it is rumored to also be a part of Siri on the iPhone 4S. Swype has a software keyboard designed to allow users to swipe their fingers across keys instead of tapping for faster input. It should be familiar to many Android users, as the company's software keyboard is preloaded on many smartphones out of the box, including phones from Motorola and Samsung.

    Both Nuance and Swype have deep ties to a wide array of manufacturers, carriers, and software makers, so a buyout would make Nuance an even bigger player in the software and services game. It's too early to tell how the move would affect end users, but hopefully it will mean even faster text input whether it's spoken or, well, swiped.