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iPhone 4S release nears, Apple starts takingpre-orders

iPhone 4S release nears, Apple starts takingpre-orders

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The online Apple Store and Verizon have kept to the iPhone 4S launch schedule and have started accepting iPhone 4S pre-orders for delivery on October 14th. Sprint will be joining Verizon and AT&T as the third iPhone carrier in the US with the launch of the 4S model, and will match their upfront pricing of $199 (16GB), $299 (32GB), or $399 (64GB) on a two-year contract. Given the iPhone 4's overwhelming popularity, we can probably expect its mildly upgraded successor to meet with plenty of demand, but don't fret if you can't get your pre-order in today. Retail availability of the new phone is coming on the same day these pre-orders will be delivered, October 14th, so there's always the option of joining one of those famous iPhone lines and soaking up the full launch day experience.

Update: And now the Apple Store's up, running, and offering those precious iPhone 4S pre-orders to all. You get a choice of color, storage, and carrier, with every possible combination arriving at your doorstep on October 14th. The unlocked iPhone 4S will be available in November, costing $649, $749, or $849, depending on storage. The UK and German Stores are also ready to take orders, though they only offer one carrier option: unlocked. You'll have to buy through your favored mobile operator if you want to get the handset on a contract-subsidized price.

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