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    The Verge

    The Verge

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    As you may or may not know, This Is My Next has really been a temporary home for our team — a waypoint on the long road to something totally new. We've been working for months behind the scenes to build a site called The Verge. Now we're getting close to the culmination of all that hard work, and in order to execute on all the cool stuff we're planning to execute on, we've got to slow things down here at TIMN considerably.

    Starting tonight, you'll be seeing a lot less of us on the site as we ready The Verge. We'll still have the occasional post, news from a live event, and possibly a review or two, but we're going to be putting all of our focus and time into getting the big site prepped for launch.

    We want to toss out a big, big thank you to everyone who's been reading TIMN and keeping up with our work. We think the best is yet to come, and hope you'll join us on the ride.

    P.S. We'll still be podcasting up until (and after) the launch!