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Japanese company Real-f offers 3D replicas of your face

Real-f 3D face copy
Real-f 3D face copy

If you're looking for a disturbing journey to the uncanny valley, just let Japanese company Real-f take a special picture of your face and turn it into a photo-realistic 3D replica, called 3-Dimensional Photo Form (3DPF). The hand-crafted "masks" are accurate down to the pores in your skin and blood vessels in your eyes, but the company doesn't do teeth so keep your smile under control during the photo shoot.

Although the faces are durable enough to be placed outdoors, if you somehow damage yours beyond repair, Real-f can make a new copy; they keep your visage on file for three years. A face takes two weeks to make and runs ¥300,000 (about $3,900) and ¥60,000 (about$ 780) for any additional copies. If you want a full head, be prepared to wait an extra week and shell out an initial ¥450,000 (about $5,850) and ¥150,000 (about $1,950) for copies. If you hurry, you might get one by Halloween.