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New Nokia Tune brings dubstep to 100 million phones

Nokia Tune Contest Winner
Nokia Tune Contest Winner

Last month, Nokia announced a contest to remake its iconic ringtone, and we have a winner: for better or worse, "Nokia Tune Dubstep Edition" will be preloaded on more than 100 million handsets the company plans to ship worldwide. The speaker-rattling tune was created and submitted by Italian DJ Valerio Alessandro Sizzi, beating nine other finalists, including progressive and orchestral themed entries, to join Britney Spears and Lights in adopting the wobbly bass sound developed by artists such as Skream and Benga. While it's true that the Nokia Tune — which originates from a Spanish guitar composition called "Grand Vals" — has evolved slightly over the years, this modern take is a complete reinvention, similar to Nokia's decision to make Windows Phone devices. Perhaps the Finnish company's just trying to prove that time hasn't passed it by.

Nokia Dubstep Ringtone