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iPet Companion home kit lets you play with your pet from work

iPet Companion Live Feed
iPet Companion Live Feed

After iPet Companion's commercial kit made it possible to spend endless hours at work playing with animal shelter kitties online, the company is making a home version available for cat and dog owners. Each kit includes a web camera and toy controllers, allowing owners — or anyone given access — to "play" with their pet through a web page that has a live stream and buttons for moving the toys around, which sounds like a great way to spook your pets from the comfort of an office chair. As you can imagine, the luxury of playing with Penny or Spot over the internet doesn't come cheap. iPet Companion requires a six month contract with a $4.95 monthly subscription fee, while the dog kit (which adds 2 extension rods to the mix) and cat kit retail for $895 and $849.95, respectively — however, early adopters are rewarded with a launch offer that knocks $500 off any online purchase.