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MobiUS SP1 morphs Toshiba TG01 into a portable ultrasound device

The MobiUS WinMo-based mobile ultrasound system is finally released -- but it isn't the only portable device of its nature on the market.

MobiUS Ultrasound Device
MobiUS Ultrasound Device

The mobile revolution is making its way into healthcare — thanks to Windows Mobile 6.5. Mobisante's smartphone-based ultrasound device called the MobiUS SP1 was released yesterday after several delays. The system was granted FDA approval earlier this year and it utilizes a Toshiba TG01 WinMo smartphone, a USB 2.0-connected ultrasound transducer, and Mobisante's software. The whole package comes in at $7,495. The two year-old smartphone is necessary because neither iPhones nor Android phones have USB 2.0 host support.

The MobiUS is intended — for now — to serve doctors and patients in rural areas; the low population density in such regions cannot support traditional ultrasound machines, which can sometimes cost upwards of $100,000. In the future Mobisante hopes to be able to lower the cost of the MobiUS so that it can be effectively deployed in developing nations to help scan and diagnose patients. Mobisante aren't the only ones with these aspirations, however: a similar device was produced by Washington University in St. Louis back in 2009, and GE released its own mobile ultrasound device earlier this year. Whether it's in the hands of WinMo or GE, quality healthcare in developing nations is something we all can stand behind.