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Pantech Pocket photos, video, and hands-on

Pantech Pocket
Pantech Pocket

Among the more unusual devices in AT&T's refreshed Android lineup, Pantech's Pocket eschews the normal wide aspect ratio for 800 x 600, which is 4:3 — reminiscent of older TVs and computer displays. Why the change? Pantech says that it'll help with web browsing, but perhaps more importantly, it sets the device apart from an endless sea of black slabs on the store shelf.

We had just a few brief minutes to play with the Pocket, and it's clear that Pantech has aspirations to move beyond the prepaid and "quick messaging device" slots that it has typically occupied in North America. It isn't a high-end Android phone by any means, but Pantech's new skin — which the company says will continue to evolve with future models in the pipeline — seems relatively light and tasteful, complete with a revamped lock screen that allows the user to jump directly to a number of frequently-accessed functions (à la HTC Sense and others).

We don't have a price or date yet, but we do know that this won't be coming to AT&T's prepaid GoPhone brand — it'll strictly go to postpaid, at least initially — and we've got a feeling it'll be priced pretty aggressively.