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Xbox 360 dashboard update now in public beta, 320GB HDD inbound

New Xbox TV Experience
New Xbox TV Experience

There's a lot to love in Microsoft's latest Xbox 360 dashboard update, including live TV, voice search, cloud storage and plenty of Metro tiles, and you can love them all in person quite soon if you make it into the company's Preview Program. Yes, as usual, there's an opportunity for lucky individuals to apply for an open beta of the new dashboard, and the link to that application is now live -- don't wait, head on down to our first source link and hope karma is on your side.

That's not the only upgrade out of Xbox this week, though, as Microsoft's also introducing a brand new 320GB hard drive cartridge for the slimline Xbox 360. Considering it costs $129.99, it's not a terribly compelling upgrade for owners of the 250GB version, nor anyone who's recently looked up the price of a 320GB hard drive and cares to stand on principle, but if the 4GB of flash storage in your holiday Kinect bundle is stretched to the brim, you don't have many other options. Oh, and it comes with a download code for Lego Star Wars III, so there's that too.