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RIM gives regional status updates for BlackBerry services, says many are back online


RIM says in an official status update that many BlackBerry services are operating again — and chatter on Twitter suggests users agree — but some areas are still experiencing outages. RIM says that BlackBerry email systems are operating everywhere, but it is continuing to clear backlogged messages. BBM and browsing services are online everywhere except for Europe, the Middle East, India, Africa, and three unnamed carrier networks in Latin America. And lucky folks in the U.S. should see all their services operating normally.

Problems from the original network failure in Europe and Africa cascaded through RIM's systems and eventually impacted customers in North America, South America, and Asia. In this most recent communication, RIM has apologized profusely for the outages and what it implies has been a lack of reliable, real-time communication about the issues, and says that it is working to restore normal service levels as quickly as it can. Stay tuned as we continue to monitor the situation.