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Velocity Micro gets in the line of Fire, drops price of Cruz T408 to $199.99

In a possible response to the Kindle Fire, Velocity Micro has dropped the price of its T408 tablet to $199.99.

Velocity Micro Cruz T410 and T408
Velocity Micro Cruz T410 and T408

Velocity Micro just started shipping its Cruz T408 and T410 Android tablets this week, and it's making no bones about its intent to grab the cost-conscious customer, cutting the price of the T408 down to $199.99. The Gingerbread tablets were announced earlier in September, with the 8-inch T408 and the 10-inch T410 initially priced at $239.99 and $299.99, respectively. The pair look to be intriguing budget options, each featuring identical specs (save the screen): a 1GHz Cortex processor with 512MB of RAM, Wi-Fi, a front-facing camera, and a capacitive touchscreen. The initial pricing may have seemed less compelling after the introduction of the $199 Amazon Kindle Fire, however — not to mention the recent tablet price reductions we've been seeing. But with access to Amazon's Appstore, a software bundle including QuickOffice, and a custom-tuned version of Flash, the T408 and its big brother offer a choice for consumers looking for options in the price range.