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Microsoft giving away free Windows Phones to disgruntled BlackBerry and iPhone users

Instead of criticizing RIM directly, Microsoft is incentivizing BlackBerry owners to speak up

Windows Phone
Windows Phone

RIM's bruised and battered reputation is taking another hit today, courtesy of Microsoft's Ben Rudolph who has taken to Twitter to ask users to detail their discontent with using a BlackBerry. In order to set their tongues free, Ben has procured 25 Windows Phone devices, which he will give away for free -- presumably to those with the most torrid tale of BlackBerry blues. Microsoft's ploy looks to have worked, since Ben has been busy retweeting a great many displeased BB users since. He's even been nice enough to widen the scope of the giveaway to iPhone users; quite a few iOS 5 upgraders have had trouble getting the latest software loaded onto their phones, so Ben wants to hear from them too. Hit the link below to see the announcement and follow his Twitter profile to read the most interesting and compelling critiques of his competitors' software.