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Windows Phone gets turn-by-turn navigation courtesy of Navigon

Navigon for Windows Phone
Navigon for Windows Phone

Android and iPhone owners can pretty much ditch their in-car GPS devices, because apps like Google Maps, TomTom, and Magellan are such good navigators. Windows Phone users haven't had a great option yet, with Bing Maps somewhat lacking in that area, but Navigon just announced an app for Windows Phone 7.5 that brings real, satellite navigation with turn-by-turn directions and text-to-speech functionality to all Mango-running handsets.

The app has plenty of extra features, like MyRoutes and Lane Assistant Pro, which shows the lane you should be in at difficult intersections; it's got plenty of help for pedestrians, too, incorporating Google Local Search and walking directions. If you don't need the bells and whistles but want to stay out of traffic, Navigon has also released a free app called Traffic4all that shows a live traffic map so you can plan your route or get out of a jam. The full Navigon app is available now for $30, but come November 15th the price will spike to $50. That and the fact that it's a 1.6GB download are two good reasons not to leave this purchase until you're already lost somewhere.