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Google steams ahead in Q3 with $9.72 billion in revenue, up 33 percent since last year

Google Q3 2011 earnings 2
Google Q3 2011 earnings 2

It's a great time to be Google if you love cold hard cash, because there's plenty of it in the search company's latest quarterly statement -- it pulled in $9.72 billion last quarter, and got to keep $2.73 billion of it. In fact, it's practically a mirror image of the firm's performance last quarter, where it had revenue of $9.03 billion and income of $2.51 billion -- then, it managed 32 percent growth year over year, and we're looking at 33 percent growth this time around. If you'd like more hard numbers (like, say, Google's 31,353 full-time employees and $10 billion in cash) you'll find plenty at our source link below, but we imagine you might be more interested in what Google has to say for itself. The company's holding a conference call right now -- stay tuned to this post and we'll let you know what we hear!

Update: Google+ has over 40 million users now, and on the call, Larry Page says there have been 190 million Android devices activated. Google Chrome, meanwhile, is up to 200 million users. Google SVP Nikesh Arora says that Chromebooks may have found their niche at last, but didn't provide numbers: "We're beginning to see lots of uptake, both from businesses and financial institutions." By the way, if you like niche Google services that few people use, you can probably expect more heartbreak: CEO Larry Page explained that Google will "continue to simplify and streamline our products going forward." Find Page's speech notes on Google+ right here.